Featured Person Profiles


  • Dylan Brewer

    Degree:  Ph.D. in Economics and Environmental Science & Policy, Michigan State University
    Current Job:  Assistant Professor in the School of Economics

    Professor Brewer uses insights from economics to improve environmental outcomes. In his research, he asks: 'How can we turn the environment into an asset?'

  • Karen Yan

    Degree:  Ph.D., Texas A&M University
    Current Job:  Assistant Professor in the School of Economics

    Assistant Professor Karen Yan shares her inspiration for pursuing economics, her advice for students interested in the field, and much more.

  • Olga Shemyakina

    Degree:  Ph.D., University of Southern California
    Current Job:  Associate Professor and Director of Doctoral Programs

    An award-winning educator whose research explores the short- and long-term effects of armed conflict on the health and education of children, subjective well-being, migration, marriage, and labor market outcomes.

  • Patrick McCarthy

    Degree:  Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University
    Current Job:  Former School of Economics Professor & Chair

    After nearly 20 years at Georgia Tech and an academic career of more than 44 years, McCarthy is retiring. “For me, this is simply a transition,” McCarthy said. “I view this as something similar to a ‘commencement.’


  • Ben Harrison

    Degree:  Third-year economics major with a certificate in finance

    Third-year econ major & Econ Club President Benjamin Harrison shares why he studies economics and how he hopes to use it to change the world.

  • Cade Lawson

    Degree:  B.S. Economics, Minor in Computational Data Analysis

    Cade chose Georgia Tech because he was excited for the opportunity to be a part of the next wave of economists and social science researchers who are finding new ways to infuse the data-driven technologies of the past decade.

  • Kaylin Berinhout

    Degree:  B.S. Economics & International Affairs

    Kaylin wants to create an economic reform in the fields of the future, specifically in the intersection of the climate crisis, social enterprise, and income inequality.

  • Nupur Kothari

    Degree:  MS in Economics

    Nupur Kothari hopes to use her MS in Economics to work at an impact investment/impact consulting firm and help channel capital to social entrepreneurs in grassroots organizations.

  • Sarah Tinsley

    Degree:  B.S. Economics, Minor in Spanish

    Sarah hails from Dawsonville, Georgia, and chose Georgia Tech because of its reputation as one of the top universities in the nation. Sarah sought the opportunity to immerse herself in STEM courses and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects.


  • Ayo Aladesanmi

    Degree:  BS in Economics '19, Minor in Public Policy & Certificate in Finance

    Ayo Aladesanmi (BS ECON ’19) shares his passion for public service and his best advice for students and alumni interested in pursuing a career in the field.

  • Candice Sessa

    Degree:  M.S. Economics, 2019
    Current Job:  Research Associate, Health Economics and Analytics Lab

  • Chaunte Lowe

    Degree:  B.S. Economics, 2008
    Current Job:  4 Time Olympian and American Record Holder | U.S. Olympic Team

    School of Economics Alumna Makes GT's First Ever 40 under 40 List! Chaunte Lowe is a 4 time Olympian and currently holds the American Record in the women's high jump.

  • Jonathan Samon

    Degree:  B.S. Economics, 2001
    Current Job:  General Counsel for eProdigy Financial, LLC

    Jonathan Samon graduated with his B.S. in Economics in 2001 and now serves as General Counsel for eProdigy Financial, LLC, which is involved in alternative finance for small businesses. 

  • Nicholas Pinto

    Degree:  B.S. Economics, B.S. Mathematics 2019

  • Stefan Santavicca

    Degree:  M.S. Economics, 2019
    Current Job:  Research Associate, Health Economics and Analytics Lab

  • Wendy Horton McLeod

    Degree:  BS INTA 1994, MS ECON 1996
    Current Job:  Cox Communications in Atlanta, GA

    As the Chair of the Board of Advisors for the School of Economics (BASE), Wendy says her goal is to encourage more interaction between alumni, faculty, and current students.