Explore opportunities in economic analysis and decision-making through our diverse economics minors. These programs cater to students from various disciplines, including engineering, sciences, law, public policy, and business administration. Our innovative STEM-related minor programs are open to all Georgia Tech students unless otherwise noted.

Specialized and Joint Minors

Choose between a general economics minor or a specialized minor in microeconomics of strategic analysis (MESA). Collaborate with the School of Public Policy for joint minors in health policy and economics (HPE) or economics and policy of environmental sustainability (EPES). Additionally, explore interdisciplinary minors in African studies, AI and ML applications, energy systems, and global development.

Popular Courses Offered

Students can take courses such as Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, International Trade Theory and Policy, Law and Economics of the World Trading System, Urban Economics, and Environmental Economics. These courses provide a robust foundation for understanding complex economic concepts.

Available Minors

Graduate Course Option for Economics Minors

Economics minors can apply minor credits toward a Master's in Economics with the Graduate Course Option. The graduate course option allows you to take up to two M.S. economics courses as an undergraduate. They can complete an M.S. in Economics in just two semesters post-undergraduate degree. For inquiries on double-count coursework, please contact Davis Palubeski.

Declaring a Minor 

Declaring our minor consists of four easy steps:

  1. Register for the ECON courses you want!​
    • ECON Minor courses can not be double-counted with any Core Area A-E classes, but they can be used as Free Electives.
    • If you take ECON 2105 or ECON 2106, you can not count ECON 2100 or ECON 2101 towards the minor.
  2. Fill out the DocuSign Add a Minor Form, it will be automatically sent to your major and minor advisors. Once both minor and major advisors sign the form, the DocuSign form will be automatically submitted to the Registrar's Office.​
    • In the form, make sure to check "Add Minor" and if it is your first minor, in "Primary Minor" include the name of the minor (ECON or MESA). For the "Catalog Year" include the current year. Make sure to include the emails for both Major and Minor advisors.
  3. Subscribe to Econ Minors email list to stay in touch with our awesome ECON Community.​
  4. At the start of your last semester, fill out the last form—Approved Program of Study—and submit it to Davis Palubeski and your major advisor for signatures. The signed form must be submitted to the registrar along with your application to graduate.​

Please contact Davis Palubeski with any questions.

Additional Resources