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Econ minor program provides a foundation in economic analysis and decision-making that is especially valuable for students in engineering, the natural and physical sciences, as well as students considering graduate work in law, public policy, or business administration. Our innovative STEM-related minor program is open to all students at Georgia Tech.

Students can choose to take a general Minor in Economics or Microeconomics in Strategic Analysis (MESA). The economics minor can even be completed during summer school. Our most popular classes include but are not limited to: Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Economics of Strategy and Information, Network Economics, International Trade Theory and Policy, International Financial Economics, International Energy Markets, Law and Economics of the World Trading System, Urban Economics, Environmental Economics and many more!

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Minors Available 

Declaring a Minor 

Declaring our minor consists of five easy steps:

  1. Select and register for your Econ courses!
  2. Download the "Add a Minor" form (https://registrar.gatech.edu/info/change-minor-form). For the general Econ Minor, please indicate "Economics" in the Minor field; for MESA minor, indicate "MESA".
  3. Fill out the form and send it to Dr. Urmanbetova to sign (aselia@gatech.edu). Once both minor and major advisors sign the form, your major advisor or you should submit the form to the Registrar's Office. In light of Covid-19, you can fill out the form electronically.
  4. Subscribe to Econ Minors to stay in touch with the ECON Community.
  5. Finally, when having completed all requirements, fill out the last form -- Approved Program of Study -- and submit to your Major advisor and Dr. Urmanbetova for signatures. The signed form must be submitted to the registrar along with your application to graduate.

Any questions about the minors should be directed to:

Dr. Aselia Urmanbetova
Email: aselia@gatech.edu 
Office 205, Old Civil Engineering Building

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