Why Minor in Economics? 

The School of Economics offers a Minor in Economics for students in all disciplines at Georgia Tech. The minor program provides a foundation in economic analysis and decision-making that is especially valuable for students in engineering and the natural and physical sciences, as well as students considering graduate work in law, public policy, or business administration. It should also be attractive to students who wish to broaden their education and to better understand the forces that shape the modern world. 

Minors Available 

Declaring a Minor 

You may declare a minor at any time by completing the Change/Addition of An Academic Minor(s) Form, obtaining signatures, and submitting the form to the Registrar’s office. This must be completed the semester before graduation.

Students wishing to pursue a minor from the School of Economics should consult with Dr. Aselia Urmanbetova to plan appropriate courses, to declare the minor to track in DegreeWorks, and to get signature approval.

  1. Register for your classes!
  2. Download the "Add a Minor" form (https://registrar.gatech.edu/info/change-minor-form).  
  3. In light of the coronavirus situation, you can fill out the pdf form electronically and email it to your academic advisor for your major so they can sign the form electronically and send it back to you. Please cc' Dr. Urmanbetova, Associate Academic Professional (aselia@gatech.edu) on your email so she knows the process has been started.  
  4. Once your major advisor signs the form, email it to Dr. Urmanbetova to sign. Once Dr. Urmanbetova returns the form to you, you should submit it to the registrar.

Questions about any of the minors indicated above should be directed to:

Dr. Aselia Urmanbetova
Associate Academic Professional 
Email: aselia@gatech.edu 
Office 205, Old Civil Engineering Building

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