About the School of Economics


Economics: The science of decision making.  Economics helps explain the choices people make and their behavior.  It's the study of people in the ordinary business of life and how they choose to use resources.

We do economics OUR way at Georgia Tech!  Housed in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, our unique programs blend tradition with innovation through a classic liberal arts education and the cutting-edge technology of a nationally ranked research university.

Because our degrees lead to a wide variety of career options, our mission is to provide students with the economic and quantitative skills that will enable them to develop economic insights on phenomena in technologically complex environments; to contribute to the body of economic knowledge; and to inform, educate, and generally interact with the community at large.

The School of Economics' currently has twenty-two full-time faculty and core research areas of environmental and energy economics, health economics, international economics, growth and development, econometrics and microeconomic theory.

Our students benefit from, and the school’s faculty contribute to, the strong interdisciplinary culture that exists at Georgia Tech. The Institute’s emphasis on technology affords the School of Economics significant opportunities for innovative teaching and research collaborations. In a world where problems are increasingly multifaceted with no easy solutions, collaborative approaches to understanding some of society’s most complex problems allow students to more completely understand the economic implications of alternative policies.

The coming year presents numerous opportunities for the School of Economics as we expand our existing programs, identify new collaborative opportunities, expand our relationships with our alumni, and further strengthen our faculty resources. We hope that you will be able to share these exciting times with us.

If you wish to learn more about the School of Economics at Georgia Tech, please contact School Chair Dr. Laura Taylor for more information.