Undergraduate Research Option

The School of Economics participates in the Research Option offered in conjunction with the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. The Research Option offers students the opportunity for a substantial, in-depth research experience. It offers students a taste of what long-term research can be like and provides an extensive experience not found within a typical course setting. One-on-one student and faculty mentoring is also a highlight of the experience. Students are strongly encouraged at the end of their experience to work with their faculty mentor to develop a journal publication or conference presentation on the research in addition to the actual thesis.

The School of Economics requirements for the research option include:

  • Complete at least 9 credits of undergraduate research
    • Courses should span at least two, preferably three terms
    • Research may be for either pay or credit*
    • At least 6 of the 9 required hours should be on the same topic
  • Complete a research proposal outlining a research topic and project for the thesis
  • Write an undergraduate thesis/report of research on the findings
  • Take the sequence of two, 1-credit hour courses:
    • LMC 4701: Undergraduate Research Proposal Writing
    • LMC 4702: Undergraduate Research Thesis Writing

Completion of the Research Option is noted on the student’s transcript.

*NOTE: Students MUST sign up for the free, audit course (xx4698) within their major for the research for pay to count toward the option. If research for pay is chosen, an equivalent number of hours of electives in the major must be taken in order to meet general degree requirements. For example, if a student takes three hours of the 4698 course in their major, then they would need to substitute three hours of a typical elective course within their major in order to graduate.

Interested in learning more?

Interested in learning more? Contact Associate Director of Academic Programs Whitney Buser or Undergraduate Program Director Danny Woodbury for more information.