Welcome from the Undergraduate Director

''The School of Economics offers three undergraduate degree programs: Economics, Economics and International Affairs (EIA) and Global Economics and Modern Languages (GEML). As a part of our program, you join an intellectually curious and highly engaged cohort of fellow students and have the advantages of an academically rigorous social science education in world class research institution with an innovative, technologically advanced and entrepreneurial environment. 

Economics is the science of decision making where you learn to analyze problems in terms of incentives and trade-offs. By studying economics you develop a way of critical thinking and analysis that you can apply to a very broad range of questions. Some examples of the challenging and diverse problems that our faculty research include the impact of globalization on pollution, income equality and labor market outcomes, the use of incentives to control pollution or encourage use of alternate energy sources, the short- and long-term effects of armed conflict on the health and education of children, and the impact of physician networks and market structure on the adoption of information technology in healthcare services.

You can engage in in-depth research by working with a faculty mentor through our Research Option program. You can also develop significant global competencies by participating in the International Plan. Our curriculum has a strong quantitative focus with courses in statistics, econometrics and forecasting. It also gives you the flexibility to obtain a minor or certificate in another area that interests you. We assist and encourage students to do internships where they can use the knowledge and skills developed in the classroom.

Our graduates typically have highly marketable skills in economic modelling, quantitative methods and policy analysis. They pursue careers in industry, banking, consulting, government, education and non-profit organizations. They also attend graduate schools in economics, business, finance, law and even medicine.

An undergraduate education in Economics at Georgia Tech is an excellent preparation for a variety of productive careers and equips you well to continue learning and adapting in a fast changing world. I welcome and encourage you to explore and discover the exciting world of economics with us!    

- Dr. Willie Belton, Director of Undergraduate Programs