Minor in Energy Systems

The Minor in Energy Systems provides students a fifteen-hour multidisciplinary educational opportunity to study energy systems. This minor will prepare students to work in the lucrative field of energy, and given the continuing increase in the demand for energy and the interest in non-conventional energy sources, this minor promises the potential to greatly enrich career opportunities.

Requirements include courses which provide depth in an area relevant to energy that is within the scope of the student’s chosen program. Depth course options available to students include ECON 4440: Environmental Economics and ECON 4340: Industrial Organization.  Both of these courses can apply to both the minor and Economics Electives.

The minor also includes requirements for courses that cut across disciplines. These courses are intended to add breadth of knowledge in areas outside the student’s major that are important to energy systems. For the Economics, EIA, and GEML majors, we recommend PUBP 3350: Energy Policy and CHEM 3700: Alternative Energy.  A terminal “capstone” or project course provides an opportunity for students from multiple disciplines to work together in multidisciplinary teams on a significant project in the energy area. The course catalog provides full Energy Systems minor degree requirements.

Interested in learning more?

Contact the International Program Coordinator Dr. Aselia Urmanbetova or Undergraduate Program Director Dr. Matt Oliver for more information!