Candice Sessa


Hollywood, Florida

What Georgia Tech and the School of Economics Taught Me: 

The Master's Economics program gave me practical knowledge in econometrics and statistics. Going in to the program I was most insecure of my quantitative abilities. After completing the program, I am confident in my quantitative skills and have been able to apply them to my job after the program.

Interests and Hobbies: 

My number one hobby is cuddling my two cats King and Jinx. When they tire of all the love, I give them, I like to go for walks around the city with my fiancé and nerd-out on my PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Future Endeavors:

I am currently doing economic research at the Health Economics & Analytics Lab at Georgia Tech. I would like to one day pursue my PhD in Economics and become a full-time researcher and professor

Advice for Current Students:

I believe that I take classes to learn the material and I do my best to not stress over my grades. I would rather have a B in a class where I learned the material and can use the knowledge outside of the classroom than get an A in a class and forget everything I learned after completing the class. Do the best you can to learn and be proud of what you have put in, regardless of your final grade!

Profile Type
M.S. Economics, 2019
Job Title / Employer
Research Associate, Health Economics and Analytics Lab