News: Belton Spends Summer Teaching at Korea University

Willie Belton

Posted September 20, 2018

Willie Belton, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, has been invited for the past eight years to spend his summer teaching at Korea University's International Summer Campus. Professor Belton speaks highly of the program as "it has an international feel and it allows me to significantly improve my teaching. Though most students speak English and courses are offered primarily in English, language is an issue. This experience forces me to examine my approach to concept delivery as well as lecture organization. In effect, the experience has made me a better teacher. I also get a chance to discuss research with some of the finest professors in the world. This has been a fabulous experience that I hope to continue into the future." 

Students who populate these courses are generally Korean students that attend universitues in the United States, however there are also students from Europe and India. The program runs for six weeks, generally from late June until early August.