B.S./M.S. in Economics

BS/MS Program and Graduate Course Option

Georgia Tech Undergraduates have the option to begin work on a GT Master's in Economics while still completing their undergraduate work. All Economics, EIA, and GEML majors can begin graduate work through the BS/MS program. All other majors can accomplish this through the Graduate Course Option

With the BS/MS program or Graduate Course Option, students can take 6 hours of MS level courses as an undergraduate. BS/MS students may count these courses toward their major required electives or free electives. Graduate Course Option students may count these courses towards their free electives. 

Admission to the MS program is based upon performance in the graduate work attempted by students. Once admitted to the MS program, the hours taken as an undergraduate will be applied to the MS degree progress. This allows students to complete their Master's degree in just two additional semesters after receiving their BS from Georgia Tech. Thus, BS/MS students earn their M.S. degree 20% faster resulting in 20% less tuition charged. 


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  • BSMS: Limited to Georgia Tech students who currently major in Economics (ECON), Economics International Affairs (EIA), or Global Economics and Modern Languages (GEML).
  • Graduate Course Option: Limited to existing Georgia Tech undergraduates. 
  • Interested students should begin the process before officially applying by requesting a permit to take ECON 6106 in the last fall of their undergraduate program. 
  • Academic Advising will grant the permit to students with at least a 3.00 GPA in GT undergraduate courses. 
  • Students approved to take ECON 6106 must take this course in the last fall of their undergraduate program.

    • If the student is a fall graduate they must take an additional 3 hours of M.S. coursework along with ECON 6106 (ECON 6140 is recommended). 
    • If the student is a spring graduate they must take an additional 3 hours of M.S. coursework in the following spring (ECON 6105 is recommended.) 



 Fall GraduatesSpring Graduates
Final Fall SemesterECON 6106, ECON 6140

ECON 6106

Request class permits.

Final Spring SemesterRequest class permits and apply for the M.S. in Economics program.

ECON 6105

Apply for the M.S. in Economics program.


How to Apply

Interested students should first contact Davis Palubeski when registering for the last academic year of their undergraduate program.  In the last semester of the undergraduate program, students must start the application process via the standard graduate application form. The deadline to apply for Fall 2024 is May 15. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Director of Master's Programs Whitney Buser.