Demand for MOOC-An Application of Big Data

Title: Demand for MOOC-An Application of Big Data
Format: Journal Article
Publication Date: October 2018
Published In: China Economic Review

We evaluate factors affecting the demand for MOOC by estimating its demand function in OECD countries and in China. We apply a Big Data approach to construct a proxy for MOOC demand using Google Trends for OECD and Baidu Index for China. Based on estimation results of various panel data models, we find that in both cases, higher unemployment promotes MOOC demand. However, in OECD countries, the proportion of individuals with high school level or higher education have positive and significant effects on MOOC demand, while in China, we observe positive and significant effects from internet speed and average income.

Ivan Allen College Contributors:
External Contributors: Tingting Tong

“Demand for MOOC-An Application of Big Data”, Tingting Tong*, Haizheng Li, China Economic Review, Vol. 51, pp. 194-207, 2018. 

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