Justin Burkett

Assistant Professor

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  • School of Economics
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Justin Burkett joined Georgia Tech as an Assistant Professor in August 2018. His research is in the area of microeconomic theory called market design, which studies the design of real-world market institutions that allocate goods as diverse as US Treasury Bonds and public school seats. The aim of Dr. Burkett's research and of the field more generally is to provide practical solutions for any deficiencies in existing institutions, usually related to the incentives implied by its current design. Dr. Burkett's work has appeared in academic journals such as Journal of Economic Theory, Theoretical Economics, and Experimental Economics.

Before joining Georgia Tech, he earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park and was an Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University.

  • Ph.D., University of Maryland
  • B.A., Washington University in Saint Louis
Research Fields:
  • Game Theory
  • Market Design, Auctions and Contract Theory
  • Microtheory
Courses Taught:
  • ECON-4180: Game Theory Economics
  • ECON-7013: Microeconomic Theory II