News: Danny Hughes Receives Grant Funding For His Research

Danny Hughes

Posted April 28, 2020

Join us in congratulating Danny Hughes for a new grant supporting his project, “Optimizing Lung Cancer Screening for Vulnerable, High Risk Populations.” The project has been selected for funding through the 2020 Small Bets Seed Grant Award program and will be awarded $71,000. 

As Danny Hughes and his Co-PI Nicoleta Serban describe their project in the proposal:Lung cancer remains the most preventable and leading cause of all cancer deaths – more than prostate, breast, and colorectal cancers combined. The landmark National Lung Screening Trial found that participants receiving low-dose CT lung cancer screening (LCS) had 20% fewer cancer deaths relative to previous diagnostic approaches by more accurately diagnosing cancers earlier in the disease progression. Despite the removal of financial barriers to LCS, far fewer people are screened than currently recommended because a disproportionate share of eligible people live in rural areas that are traditionally underserved by the medical community.

Our study will identify current gaps in lung cancer screening availability relative to need in the commercially insured, Medicare, and Medicaid populations. We will then develop an optimization model to determine where to establish new LCS centers to maximize geographic access to LCS screening for the recommended population. The results of this research will inform policymakers on where to target their efforts to maximize the potential benefits for population health."

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