News: Brewer Named to Class of 1969 Teaching Fellows 2020-21 Cohort

Dylan Brewer

Posted September 1, 2020

Assistant Professor, Dylan Brewer, will be a member of the 2020-21 cohort of the Class of 1969 Teaching Fellows! 

The Class of 1969 Teaching Fellows is designed to bring together an interdisciplinary group of Assistant Professors for pedagogically focused support and professional development. The aim is to broaden perspectives with insight into evidence-based best practices and exposure to new and innovative teaching methods. 

“I am excited to join the Class of 1969 Teaching Fellows program because I want to become the type of effective and engaging instructor that inspired me to become an academic. Student learning and pedagogy are personally valuable to me, so I welcome the opportunity to improve my skills and become a more thoughtful instructor” said Brewer.  

In addition, Class of 1969 Teaching Fellows are given access to $1000 in funds that can be used to support the development of a small project, or for other teaching-related resources. Many Class of 1969 Teaching Fellows also use this as an opportunity to develop and pilot initiatives that can be used as the basis for the education component of major award applications (such as the NSF Career Award).

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