Tech in the News: Rural Georgia's Cady Bag Business Gets $5M Investment

Alfie Meek

Posted July 10, 2020

External Article: Metro Atlanta CEO

Alfie Meek (ECON 1991) was quoted in “Rural Georgia's Cady Bag Business Gets $5M Investment.” Metro Atlanta CEO, July 10.


“I’ve been doing economic development work here in Georgia for 25 years. Access to capital has always been a struggle for rural areas of the state,” said Georgia Tech Economist Alfie Meek, Ph.D. “Programs like GARJA work and they have a proven track record of success in getting much needed capital to rural areas.”

Meek’s recent analysis of five companies that made investments in 33 Georgia businesses in connection with the GARJA program, found that these investments were directly responsible for the creation or retention of more than 1,000 jobs across rural Georgia.

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