News: Haigh Angell Elected Undergraduate Student Government Association's Executive Vice President

Haigh Angell and Ayo Aladesanmi

Posted May 7, 2019

Haigh Angell, a third year Economics and International Affairs major from Savannah, Georgia has been elected the Undergraduate Student Government Association's Executive Vice President. Angell has been an active member of the Georgia Tech community since arriving on campus. In his first year, he served as the Economics Representative in the Undergraduate House of Representatives. He has served as the Alumni Relations Chair, Vice President of Academic Affairs on Cabinet, been a Student Ambassador in the Alumni Association, and most recently, a student advisor on the Path Forward Advisory Board for academics. Angell has also participated in Georgia Tech's Study Abroad programs, studying abroad in Lorraine, France through the Georgia Tech Lorraine program. 

As Executive Vice President, Angell will be responsible for leading the executive branch of the Student Government Association. He will meet with student leaders on campus, and act as a stakeholder for Georgia Tech's undergraduate population when working with Institute faculty members and administration.

"As a community we are stronger together and must lift each other up through positivity and inclusiveness. As SGA’s Executive Vice President, I want to focus on developing collaborative networks to further bring students together over our shared passions" said Angell. "Our campus community is diverse, multi-faceted, and inspiring—characteristics that we feel should be celebrated more."

Continuing a strong record of campus leadership, Angell will be the successor to Economics student, Ayo Aladesanmi, a 4th year Economics student from Marietta, Georgia. “The College sharpens its students to go in and lead other organizations and institutions,” said Aladesanmi. "I am excited to see the direction that Haigh will take Georgia Tech in over the next year, and I am confident that he will be a fantastic Vice President for the Georgia Tech community."

Aladesanmi has accepted a job with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta upon graduation in May 2019. 

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