News: Dr. Moreno-Cruz invited to attend prestigious symposium

Juan Moreno-Cruz

Posted October 6, 2016

Juan Moreno-Cruz, Assistant Professor of Economics at Georgia Tech, has been invited by Marcia McNutt, President of the National Academy of Sciences, to attend the NAS’ fifteenth Japanese-American Kavli Frontiers of Science symposium. Attendees of this symposium are young researchers who have already made recognized contributions to science, including recipients of major national fellowships and awards, and who have been identified as future leaders in science.

Since the symposium began in 1989, 5261 young researchers have been invited, of which only 23 declared economics as their research interest. David Autor of MIT, Jonathan Levin of Stanford, Jacob Goercee of Cal Tech, Benjamin Hendel of Berkely and Lawrence Summers of Harvard comprise some of the prestigious economists invited to the symposium. Only 43 Georgia Tech faculty have been invited since 1989, and Dr. Moreno-Cruz is the first faculty member from the Ivan Allen College to be invited.

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