Event: Trade, Technology and Agricultural Productivity

March 3, 2021, 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Atlanta, GA

FREIT (Forum for Research in Empirical International Trade) and the School of Economics are hosting a new online-only seminar series forum for international trade economists conducted via Zoom. The seminar will take place every Wednesday while the COVID-19 pandemic lasts or until interest or energy disappear.

Farid Farrokhi, Purdue University, will present his paper "Trade, Technology and Agricultural Productivity."


  • Each talk will be conducted as a Zoom meeting with a capacity of 500 participants
  • Each talk will be moderated
  • Each participant will be able to ask questions directly or by raising their Zoom hand to be called on by the moderator
  • Since all participants will be able to share their video, we suggest you select "Speaker View"
  • During the presentation itself, only the presenter will be able to share his or her screen
  • Each presentation will be recorded and posted on FREIT's webpage, subject to the presenter's approval 

Interested participants should register by emailing etos@freit.org. 

Contact For More Information

Tibor Besedes